Our commitment to quality Optimal customer benefits for you

An essential requirement for our economic success is the quality of our products and services with regards to the safety of our employees and our environment.

Quality should not only reflect our customers' requirements but also be seen as a challenge to constantly improve and fulfill the growing demands of the market. Constantly endeavoring to improve quality is fundamental part of our quality policy.

The qualification and motivation of our employees are the basis for the successful marketing of our products and services. To develop and maintain this is the primary aim of our integrated management system.

The corporate principles are the key guidelines for our business activities. They are a constant focus in relationships with employees, customers and suppliers.

To achieve our quality and business goals, we constantly strive to improve.

  • Constant promotion of quality awareness by management at all levels
  • Optimally trained and motivated employees
  • Cost reduction through error avoidance
  • Controlled operations in all areas
  • Cooperation with our partners
  • Incorporation of our suppliers
  • Planning, reviewing and adjusting quality goals

Integrated management system

Our company is based on a well-functioning comprehensive organization. This ensures compliance with our principles and the achievement of our corporate objectives. Our integrated management is not restricted to product quality but is intended to serve as the framework for a comprehensive system including further organizational elements and external requirements. Environmental management takes into account and minimizes our company’s impact on the environment. Safety management ensures a healthy and safe environment for our employees and visitors.

In order to be able to represent the system externally, we meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015. The certification of the system by an accredited inspection body serves as recognized evidence.

Additional requirements, such as environmental protection management according to ISO 14001 and occupational safety according to OHRIS are taken into account and are a voluntary commitment.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015 for download