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All-rounder product A dynamic solution for many axes: SystemOne CM

All-rounder product

Whether working with foil, film, textiles or cardboard, whether cutting, scoring or creasing – there is one thing all of these machines have in common: They typically have many axes, and they need to be fast. High production rates require quick throughput times, and this always means a highly dynamic process – which on top of everything should be energy-efficient, too.

The wish list for drive systems of these machines is long: high control precision, high overload, everything in one DC link, and compactness of course. The solution offered by LTI Motion is SystemOne CM, its multi-axis automation system. The MotionOne CM control system, the central feed-in unit, and the modular multi-axis servo controllers allow LTI Motion to offer a scalable EtherCAT-based automation system. In addition to a broad range of servo motors made by LTI Motion, the wide variety of encoders also makes it easy to incorporate third-party motors such as linear drives or torque motors.

The ServoOne CM servo controller offers maximum control precision, triple overload capability, and a performance range from 3 A to 210 A. Thanks to a special gantry operation mode within a multi-axis servo controller, the Cartesian axes commonly used by cutting machines can be controlled with the highest precision because there is no runtime delay. The common DC bus provides maximum energy efficiency because there is no need "discard" the braking energy of an axis. Instead, it can be consumed simultaneously for the acceleration of another axis, or it can be stored temporarily in the DC bus.

In order to comply with the health and safety requirements specified by the Machinery Directive, LTI Motion offers built-in safety equipment in the servo controllers. All conventional safety functions such as SLS or SLP are freely programmable in the Safety PLC. Built into SystemOne CM is the MotionOne CM control system whose scalable processor performance (Intel Atom with 1.3 GHz up to Intel Core i3 with 2.2 GHz) makes sure it is ready for simple or complex control operations.