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Cleanly bent

Cleanly bent

The electrification of certain hydraulic applications in the lower to medium power range represents an important step towards a clean and safe machine.
Hydraulics are fast and powerful. Due to its high power density, hydraulics are indispensable in many applications - for example in the construction sector in excavators as well as in the industrial sector in presses and bending machines or folding benches. With the use of the so-called servo pump, the hydraulic machine has also become more energy-efficient - LTI Motion offers hydraulic control directly in the ServoOne servo controller for this purpose. Nevertheless, hydraulics still leak, mainly in the oil pump, which significantly reduces efficiency. In addition, maintenance work must be carried out during the service intervals - complete electrification of the press or bending machine is the solution here. With the servo motor and a high transmission ratio, the hydraulics in the lower to medium power range can be completely replaced.

With over ten years of experience, LTI Motion offers motors, gearboxes and servo controllers for electric presses and bending machines from a single source, which are perfectly adapted to the process with their triple overload in the system.
The advantages are obvious: No more oil changes and no leakage losses! This considerably increases the overall efficiency of the machine. In addition, the movement within the process is optimized and executed much more precisely. Particularly noteworthy is the fact that when using the all-electric solution, the machine can be equipped with functional safety technology, since the mechanical coupling of motor and process reliably monitors the position of the tool.

For this purpose, LTI Motion has already integrated functional safety technology in accordance with EN ISO 13849 and EN IEC 62061 into the ServoOne Safety and ServoOne CM Safety servocontrollers. Any safety functions such as SLP (Safe Limited Position) or SLS (Safe Limited Speed) can be conveniently programmed using the SafetyManager engineering tool. If the safety system is correctly designed, the highest possible safety levels PLe / SIL3 can be achieved.

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