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Complete your process – even in the event of a power failure!

Complete your process – even in the event of a power failure!

Imagine you are drilling a hole, but in the middle of it, the power supply fails and the drill breaks off – annoying. Regardless of which process you have just started, whether you are turning, milling or bending or whatever shape you are machining a workpiece in: in the event of a power failure, the work step should be completed quickly and the tool moved out of the workpiece. This is usually achieved with an external uninterruptible power supply – or with a clever automation solution.

For this purpose, LTI Motion has developed the intelligent EtherCAT-based automation system SystemOne CM. It consists of the MotionOne CM controller, the central power supply unit and the multi-axis controllers ServoOne CM (CM = Compact Multiaxis) that can be connected in series. The common DC bus serves as energy storage – even in the event of a power failure. External capacities can be connected here to increase the memory. Without a doubt, however, the largest amount of energy is achieved by regenerative braking of a rotating mass. For example, by cleverly programming his machine control system, the customer can keep the system alive for a short time in the event of a power failure or shut it down in a controlled manner, for example by braking a fast-rotating spindle. This function is particularly important in emerging countries, where several power failures in the range of seconds are the order of the day. It is thanks to the special power supply unit that operation is possible at all in the event of a power failure. The control voltage is obtained from a high-voltage power supply unit which is fed from the common DC bus. This concept ensures that the control voltage for the drive controllers and for the central control system is available until the last drive is shut down.

Highest control performance, triple overload for high motor dynamics and compact dimensions characterize the automation system. The SystemOne CM also sets standards in control technology: the integrated MotionOne CM controller with its scalable processor performance (Intel Atom with 1.3 GHz to Intel Core i3 with 2.2 GHz) is equipped for simple to highly demanding control tasks.