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Extension of the servo motors competence Optimum power assignment at any time

Extension of the servo motors competence

The drive specialists of LTI Motion provide the best possible drive system for every application in the complete package with matched servo motor and ServoOne servo controller. The performance spectrum is rounded off and optimally supplemented with two further servo motor series. Thus asynchronous motors in the DA series up to a rated torque of 3,024 Nm and synchronous motors in the DS series up to a rated torque of 1,344 Nm are available in the standard product range in the future. The asynchronous version is available in six axis heights from 100 to 280 mm; the synchronous variant includes the 100, 132, 160 and 200 mm axis heights. LTI Motion provides both motor series with the cooling types: surface ventilated with protection rating IP 54, open air cooled with protection rating IP 23 and water-cooled with protection rating IP 54.

The new motors are of course available with all usual options such as brakes, keys, single-turn and multi-turn encoders, resolvers, intrinsically safe rotary encoders, reinforced bearing, insulated bearing and others. The customer has the choice of 147 winding variants for the synchronous series and 335 winding variants for the asynchronous series for the best possible adaptation to the servo controller. As a result, there is efficient, i.e. optimum power assignment by the controller at any time.