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LTI Motion and Heinz Fiege receive MM AWARD Innovation prize for joint development of the "LeviSpin" magnetic bearing spindle

LTI Motion and Heinz Fiege receive MM AWARD

Lahnau/Röllbach, 9/14/2016 – LTI Motion and Heinz Fiege have been presented with the "MM Award" at the AMB 2016 for their joint development of the vibration-assisted drilling spindle. The companies which are part of the Business Area Automation of the international technology group Körber received the award from the industry magazine "MM MaschinenMarkt" in the "milling" category.

"We are especially proud of this collaboration and the high level of innovation in our product. We are all the more honored to receive this important award for LeviSpin," says Markus Dirscherl, Head of Sector Management Machine Tools at LTI Motion. The two companies in the Körber Business Area Automation are setting new benchmarks with "LeviSpin" in the boring of lightweight construction materials such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic and the same combined with titanium, and also in deep hole drilling. The magnetic bearing technology enables the position of the spindle shaft to be overlaid with vibrations, whereby the frequency, amplitude and type of vibration can be freely programmed via the CNC control.   This for the first time makes it possible for vibration-assisted drilling to be used in fully automated processes. The productivity in the parts production can thus be increased to double the process speed, which is why "LeviSpin" is especially interesting for the aviation and automobile industry, amongst others.

Furthermore, "LeviSpin" enables "6D drilling":

The vibration-assisted boring spindle has six more variances to the CNC control movement axes. The spindle shaft can be moved both radially and axially by the front and rear magnet bearings and synchronized with the spindle rotation. This produces a significantly higher drill quality.

The movable, floating wave can perfectly adjust settings – such as chip size and shape, entry speed, and angle – to the drilling process. The integrated sensor technology records important process data online and enables conclusions to be drawn on the materials currently being processed as well as the condition of the tools. In this way, the user can gain direct access as well as control and adjust the processing parameters at any time.