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LTI Motion Italia becomes KEBA Italy

LTI Motion Italia becomes KEBA Italy

At the end of 2018, the LTI Motion Group, a leading supplier of high-tech drive solutions with its subsidiary LTI Motion Italia, was acquired by the globally active automation specialist KEBA, which has its headquarters in Linz/Austria.

Following the renaming of the German LTI Motion GmbH to KEBA Industrial Automation Germany GmbH in January 2020, the Italian subsidiary LTI Motion Italia S.r.l. will now also be renamed to KEBA Italy S.r.l.
The company now wants to present its seamless company portfolio as well as highlight the bundling of its know-how and innovative strength.

"Through the merger, KEBA has become a complete solution provider. For our customers, receiving complete automation solutions from just one source is a huge advantage - from operation, control and safety technology through to drive technology - and all of them tailored to their respective industries. In future, we will continue to work together under a single, strong brand," explains KEBA AG's CEO, Gerhard Luftensteiner.

The automation specialist KEBA is represented by its subsidiaries in 14 countries - from the USA to Europe and Asia - and has over 1700 employees in the group. The KEBA Group is active in the areas of industrial automation, banking and logistics automation and energy automation.