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Plug & Produce Innovative automation for flexible packaging lines

Plug & Produce

"Plug & Produce" is the Industry 4.0 buzzword when it comes to moving into flexible production lines. Packaging lines in particular, consisting of machines from several manufacturers, require a high degree of flexibility on account of differing seasonal packaging designs and variable packaging contents. Maximum productivity also requires a fast format conversion.

LTI Motion, the specialist in precision and dynamic drive and automation systems, offers innovative solutions for this, combined with comprehensive on-site advice. Attribute standardization and openness are the keys to success here.

The international standard PackML simplifies machine programming. Standardized machine conditions and operating parameters for all machines facilitate line integration considerably. Already now many end customers are requesting LTI Motion's solution: In new systems, not only self-contained machines speak PackML, but also sub-processes or individual modules.  Time savings of up to 70% can therefore be achieved with functional and technological building blocks adapted to the sector. This is valuable time, which can be used to increase the machine's added value or reducing the delivery time.

LTI Motion systems are scalable in a wide range of applications, both as a high-performing single or multi-axis system and in combination with a motion and/or safety control. The openness, by using commercially available field bus profiles or the CoDeSys3 programming, creates a high degree of flexibility especially in the integration of third-party components. The machine manufacturer can use this to put together an optimal system according to their criteria.