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Save yourself the braking resistor

Save yourself the braking resistor

Dynamic machines are characterized by rapid acceleration and equally abrupt deceleration. During deceleration, energy peaks are fed back, which usually have to be "disposed of". The regenerated energy is thus converted into heat in a braking resistor. This is unpopular in two respects: on the one hand, valuable energy is lost for the application, and on the other, the heat from the braking resistor often has to be dissipated by air-conditioning units.

One solution is the SystemOne CM automation system from LTI Motion. The EtherCAT-based automation system consists of the MotionOne CM controller, the central power supply unit and the ServoOne CM (CM = Compact Multiaxis) multi-axis controllers that can be connected in series. The common DC bus serves as energy storage and supply for all axes. By cleverly programming the time-shifted load cycles, the customer can accelerate some of the axes while braking others. Ideally, the timing of the machine can be optimized in such a way that the braking resistor can be completely eliminated. Only a small braking resistor is required for an emergency stop.

Another highlight of the SystemOne CM is its ability to operate not only servo axes, but also asynchronous motors. External frequency inverters can thus be dispensed with, which has further energetic advantages. In addition to servo axes, asynchronous motors for blowers or exhaust air are occasionally used in many machines. With these continuous consumers, there are grateful consumers on board who like to consume the braking energy of the servo axes. This means savings in braking resistance and energy.

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