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Scalable machine safety solutions LTI Motion offers a high degree of freedom for the safe automation of your machine

Scalable machine safety solutions

LTI Motion, the specialist in precision and dynamic drive and automation systems, sets benchmarks in innovative machine safety solutions. The scalable portfolio guarantees harmonized safety functions according to EN 61800-5-2 from single-axis systems to the complex multi-axis applications and that at a level of SIL3/PLe/Kat4.

Modular SMC controls that monitor the machine and movement safety enable the flexible application of various drive technologies. The ServoOne servo system in turn integrates the complete machine safety control into the axis. This enables movements of up to six axes to be monitored in a secure network with reaction times smaller than 4 ms. This allows the construction of compact machines and minimal protective space. By directly monitoring the secure inputs and outputs in the axes, a separate safety control with corresponding peripheral devices can be eliminated – this also saves space and cost.

The high-performance automation system SystemOne CM masters the task of handling multi-axis safety for up to 20 axes, also with movement monitoring in space. The central data management is all safety concepts in one. Regardless of the number of axes, only one program and one data set is required. A cross-system user software for graphic system configuration, programming and parameterization of safety technology via drag and drop as well as for validation, together with the production of the required reports, facilitates the commissioning of safety technology substantially. Whether series machine or "batch size 1" through machine specialization – the automation portfolio from LTI Motion offers a high degree of freedom to automate machines efficiently and safely.