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The fast way to a safe machine

The fast way to a safe machine

LTI Motion has been helping machine builders make their machines safe for ten years now. On the basis of a risk analysis, LTI Motion advises trained specialists on the creation of a safety concept. Here, the focus is on protecting the worker from possible dangers of the machine. The safe automation system SystemOne CM, which uses the EtherCAT fieldbus with the FSoE safety protocol, is available for this purpose. This open interface makes the automation system very modular. As a machine manufacturer, you get exactly the safety solution you actually need – and as lean as possible.

In simple applications, the drive-based Safety PLC in the servocontroller is sufficient to monitor up to three axes safely and cost-effectively – even without FSoE. In this case, even the safety controller is located in the axis controller. For somewhat more complex applications, the external FSM safety controller is used and only the safe motion monitoring takes place in the servocontroller.

The SafetyManager operating tool is available so that the safety solution can also be programmed and parameterized quickly and clearly here. Its simple graphic programming makes it superior to standard tools on the market. An automatically generated validation report supports the validation process and saves time. SystemOne CM uses 2nd generation safety technology, which contains years of experience from many well-solved safety projects. Our goal is machine safety. Talk to us.

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