Handling units & robotics

Handling units & robotics

LTI Motion offers extensive technology libraries on a single platform for robotics and motion functionality for intralogistics. They provide greater simplicity as well as cost savings for handling and spare parts stocking.

The open robotics control system allows customer-specific modifications. The library offered by LTI Motion includes a wide variety of robotics kinematics including visual display.

Your benefits

  • Single source
  • Full range of robotics kinematics for use
  • Freely programmable robotics functionality for use on the motion controller
  • Easy to connect to superordinate master PLC
  • Easy to integrate vision systems (camera) and HMI Systems

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Your benefits

Technical highlights

  • 6-axis system (linear and rotary), interpolating
  • Compact multi-axis system with up to three servo controllers per unit
  • Synchronous axis coupling (rotary and slewing drive)
  • Simulation of the complete kinematics
  • Configurable restricted area
  • Configurable kinematics – Motion Wizard

Your system solution SystemOne CM with built-in PLC for motion applications and extensive robotics applications

  • Easy installation with locking clips
  • Energy supply unit that can supply up to 21 axis
  • Process control in the motion controller and safe cross communication between axis using a separate SCC bus
  • Simulation of axis coordination available during planning stage
  • Support for quick reading of encoders

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Harald Koch
Harald Koch
Global Application Engineer for Intralogistics

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