Hoisting gear Powerful servo controller series even for the heavy-duty range

Your benefits Additional benefits provided by system solution with innovative AS/RS from LTI Motion

  • 45 years of experience in drive & automation technology
  • All applications from a single source thanks to the powerful 2 A – 450 A (>100kW) servo controller portfolio
  • Energy efficiency provided by active front-end supply and recovery unit from 26 – 110 kW
  • Built-in SafePLC means reliable brake activation and fewer components
  • Freely programmable IEC61131-compliant iPLC for greater flexibility
  • Highest throughput achieved by precise and highly dynamic servo positioning control
  • No mechanical oscillations thanks to compensation via notch filter
  • Experienced intralogistics experts provide competent assistance

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Your benefits

Your system solution ServoOne DC multi-axis with active front-end energy recovery module

  • Powerful dynamic servo controller
  • All commonly used field buses available
  • Dynamic motion profile using predictive feed-forward control
  • Reliable brake activation
  • Quick commissioning based on automatic identification of motor mass inertia
  • Energy recovery with built-in brake chopper electronics

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Harald Koch
Harald Koch
Global Application Engineer for Intralogistics

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