Palette shuttle Intelligent drive concept with flexible feed in

Take advantage of our extensive experience in the field of drive and automation technology.

  • Flexible energy supply options from 48 V DC (SuperCaps) to 480 V AC (contact conductors) make a consistent drive package possible for a palette shuttle system
  • This drive concept allows all palette shuttle concepts, such as autonomous or even movable units, to be realized on AS/RS movers for deep storage processes
  • Energy supply of 48 V DC to 480 V AC
  • SafePLC on board with comprehensive safety functions
  • Integrated freely programmable iPLC in accordance with IEC 611131
  • All standard field buses available
  • 48 V wound servomotors
  • Dynamic motion profile using predictive feed forward control

Your system solution ServoOne single-axis device can be used flexibly

  • Standardized drive concept for different feed-in technologies
  • Energy supply possible via 48 V SuperCaps or batteries
  • Energy supply  via 400 V contact conductor
  • Scalable servocontroller with iPLC and SafePLC
  • Compact electromechanics with high power density
  • Simple servicing thanks to standardized drive concept

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