Mast sway control

AS/RS mast sway control

LTI Motion enables customers to offer automated storage and retrieval solutions that not only increase warehouse efficiency but also reduce operating costs by lowering the costs for energy, maintenance and spare parts.

Your benefits

  • Reduced mast sway provides for high throughput / low combined cycles
  • Intelligent attenuation feature implemented as configurable Motion Function Blocks in the motion controller provides for shorter picking times and fast storage and retrieval
  • Dynamic travel profile that puts less wear on materials and takes into account different loads and load heights
  • Anti-sway motor replaced with master-slave software solution in motion controller
  • Increased system availability by reducing wear on mechanical components
  • Shorter development cycles thanks to tested software modules

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Your benefits

Technical highlights

  • Standard software modules
  • Easy integration of third-party components
  • I/O extension via standard EtherCAT
  • Easy diagnostics
  • PLCopen library for single-axis motion and synchronous motion
  • Handling packages from Cartesian kinematics to H portals
  • Intel Dual Core i3 2.2 GHz, 4 GB RAM
  • Field bus cycle time 500mys

Your system solution

  • Automatic identification of mass inertia and load
  • One platform/control system with a variety of technology libraries: PLCopen for single-axis and synchronous motion, intralogistics kinematics
  • Trajectory calculations based on mathematical algorithms prevent after-swaying at the destination
  • Attenuation and smoothing of mast oscillation amplitudes
  • Parameter configuration of functional modules via PROFINET
  • Dynamic closed-loop control and feed-forward control

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Harald Koch
Harald Koch
Global Application Engineer for Intralogistics

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