Motion logic

Energy-efficient AS/RS motion logic

LTI Motion enables customers to offer automated storage and retrieval solutions that not only increase warehouse efficiency but also reduce operating costs by lowering the costs for energy, maintenance and spare parts.

This means that aside from basic requirements such as a competitive drive & automation portfolio, matching electromechanical systems, integration support for the Siemens S7 / TIA Portal and safety competence, we also offer fully tested functional modules with true benefit for the customers.

Your benefits Additional benefits provided by system solution with innovative AS/RS automation from LTI Motion

  • Smart coordination of travel & hoist drives provides for AS/RS Motion that saves energy and puts less wear on materials
  • High Speed and acceleration provide for high throughput / low combined cycles
  • Incredibly easy comissioning thanks to fully tested Motion Function Blocks (MFB) that can be applied to all types of AS/RS
  • Quick, easy-to-use commissioning concept simplifies commissioning

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Your benefits

Technical highlights

  • Built-in Java-based visual display solution
  • DVI Interface for touch displays
  • System-integrated mobile panel solutions
  • Visual display tool with libraries for controls and widgets
  • OPC UA support
  • Intel Dual Core i3 2,2 GHz, 4 GB RAM
  • Field bus cycle time > 500mys

Your system solution

  • Standard software modules
  • Scalable control equipment
  • Application-specific technology packages
  • Almost jerk-free acceleration
  • Axis-synchronous motion with optimized travel profiles 
  • Parameter configuration of functional modules via PROFINET
  • Dynamic closed-loop control and feed-forward control
  • Intelligent motion logic with safety functions (buffer reduction)

Your contact

Harald Koch
Harald Koch
Global Application Engineer for Intralogistics

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