Stacker crane Intelligent drive concept DC bus connection and energy recovery system

Take advantage of our extensive experience in the field of drive and automation technology. Our portfolio allows you to cover all aspects of the stacker cranes

  • Our servocontrollers have a completely integrated SafePLC and iPLC so that no other parts are needed for the safe operation of the stacker crane
  • Reliable and accurate operation of the system is a matter of course
  • Safety functions are available for safe commissioning or reduction of mechanic lane buffer
  • Large power range 2 A – 450 A
  • Active front-end energy supply and recovery unit suitable for 26 to 110 kW
  • SafePLC on board with comprehensive safety functions
  • Safe resolver evaluation up to (PL e / SIL3)
  • Integrated freely programmable iPLC in accordance with IEC 611131
  • Dynamic motion profile using predictive feed forward control

Your system solution ServoOne – DC multi-axis with energy supply and recovery

  • Positioning of the stacker crane directly in the servocontroller using highly dynamic current control (62.5 µ) as well as position and speed control (125µ).
  • Axis coordination of travel and hoist drive in the servocontroller for optimal motion control
  • With the integrated SafePLC, all safety-relevant functions can be fulfilled in accordance with DIN ISO 528
  • Safe commissioning or reduction of mechanic lane buffer
  • Energy-efficient solution thanks to a DC bus connection and the active front-end energy recovery modules
  • Relief of the field bus and safe cross communication between the axes thanks to a separate SCC bus
  • Efficiency-optimized geared motors

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