Transverse cars Motion profiles for dynamic acceleration/deceleration motions

Take advantage of our extensive experience in the field of drive and automation technology.

  • Dynamic frequency and servo controller portfolio with robust and safe resolver for transverse cars 
  • Our servo controllers have a completely integrated SafePLC and iPLC so that no other parts are needed for the safe operation of the transverse cars
  • Reliable and accurate operation of the system is a matter of course
  • SafePLC on board with comprehensive safety functions
  • Safe resolver evaluation up to (PL e / SIL3)
  • Automatic identification of a motor
  • Compensation of mechanical fluctuations using notch filters
  • Dynamic motion profile using predictive feed forward control

Your system solution ServoOne – optimal axis coordination with multiple autodrives

  • Integrated iPLC for processing transport orders
  • All standard field buses available
  • Secure cross communication between the axes thanks to a separate SCC bus
  • Reliable master-slave axis coordination thanks to a TwinSync option card
  • Automatic identification of the motor / mass inertia assistant
  • Energy-efficient geared motor portfolio
  • Control of e.g. drum motors of the roller conveyor

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