NC functions for laser processing

"Laser" CNC technology package Intelligent and future-proof software adds value for you

Perfectly matching software modules and instantaneous signal paths are the foundation of the future-proof digitization of your machine. The CNC technology package "Laser" bundles these requirements in a single system.

  • CNC functionality for precise and optimal contours
  • Collision protection of the cutting head with protruding or tilted parts
  • Open, standardized interfaces with laser periphery and the digital factory
  • Flexible program customization both in the CNC and the PLC
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Direct Laser Source Control (DLC) Flexibility for controlling diverse laser sources

Each laser source comes with special requirements regarding control, beam positioning and periphery. The technology package supports the operation of the following lasers:

  • CO2 laser
  • Fibre laser
  • Ultra-short pulse laser

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Pulse On Demand (POD) Laser pulses with extreme accuracy

To achieve the highest precision, the laser pulses are synchronized with the position. The time resolution and repeatability of the first pulse is only 20 ns. The accuracy is independent of the processing speed. Subsequent pulses follow without jitter. This way, the MO CM-E laser module ensures a position resolution of +/-20 nm at a processing speed of 1 m/s.

Laser operating modes

Laser operating modes High-performance laser cutting control


The operating modes ensure a high cutting quality at every stage of the cutting process. For this purpose, the technology parameters (including nozzle distance, laser power, focus, gas pressure) can be adapted to the contour. The instantaneous switching between the operating modes is performed directly by the CNC.

  • Piercing
  • Cutting with or without lead-in
  • Marking

Nozzle Distance Control (NDC) Dynamic distance control for outstanding productivity

The distance control for the focus is integrated in the CNC kernel. The dynamic control of the Z-axis also protects against collisions with the material. The evaluation of the distance sensor in built into the MO CM-E laser module.

Nozzle Distance Control (NDC)
Laser Power Control (LPC) –Contour adaptation for perfect cut quality

Laser Power Control (LPC) - Laserleistungssteuerung Perfekte Schnittqualität durch Kontur-Adaption

The laser power is controlled depending on the speed. This makes it possible to apply a constant energy input, or beam intensity, regardless of the processing speed.

Fly Cut Saving time when cutting regular patterns

Fly Cut allows the time-optimized cutting of regular patterns. With this method, the laser does not follow the contour; instead, it cuts the material, similar to a scanner, in a line-by-line sequence at constant speed.

Fly Cut
Frog Jump

Frog Jump Outstanding productivity and collision protection

The processing head follows a time-optimized motion profile between the end of one contour and the beginning of the next. It moves up in order to avoid colliding with parts that have already been cut and may have tilted.

More features for laser processing

CNC function


Gantry-BetriebSynchronous motion of parallel axes. The axes can be uncoupled for the set-up mode.

Automatic Retrace (AR)

This automatic function ensures the quick, time-saving continuation of the program after an event-controlled termination. The cutting head moves back to a defined starting value (max. contour start) and processing re-starts at this point.

Block Search (BS)

The continuation of the NC program using a defined block after an event-controlled termination. This saves having to repeat the entire processing cycle.

The restart points or the corresponding block numbers are defined by the CAM system; after the fault has been rectified, the machine operator selects them manually.

Fast Technology Swich (FTS)

Instantaneous switching between laser operating modes
CNC-PLC Synchronized Tasks

Synchronized data exchange in time with the interpolation between CNC and PLC. Allows CNC variables to be configured via the PLC and the field bus.

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