Laser micro-processing with galvanometric scan heads

Laser micro-processing with galvanometric scan heads Precision in the micrometre range with SystemOne CNC

Galvanometric scan heads allow outstanding precision and dynamic in materials processing. For this reason, they are highly suitable for forming redundant axis groups. SystemOne CNC allows laser micro-processing with mechanical axes for just the rough positioning of the scan head or for the finely structured processing of large surfaces with redundant axes and contour decomposition in the CNC. With the MO CM-E laser module, the scan heads are controlled directly from the CNC kernel.

Your benefits “Technology partnership with micrometre accuracy”

  • Partnering for the development of precision solutions in the micrometre range
  • Saving on additional hardware thanks to integration in SystemOne CNC
  • Outstanding precision thanks to instantaneous control from the CNC kernel

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Your benefits

Technical highlights Controlling the scan heads “without detours”

  • SL2-100 transmission protocol
  • Target position output with 10 µs cycle time at 20-bit position resolution
  • Transmission of actual position values to the CNC
  • Scan system diagnostics

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Jörg Brinkemper
Jörg Brinkemper
Industry Manager Laser
Mobile: +49 160 7481326

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