Drive solutions for machine manufacturing With our extensive product range, we offer the optimum drive solution for every machine.

End-to-end drive solutions for demanding applications from an extensive product range and over a large power range. Single-axis and multi-axis product families. Product range from 48V to 480V and from 2A to 450A. We offer you a wide range of motors but also a control optimally adapted to your special external drive system.

Highest performance and cost efficiency through optimum drive design

Your benefits at a glance

  • End-to-end drive technology from a single source
  • Cost-optimized design and commissioning by our drive specialists
  • Extensive product range for economical as well as high-performance applications
  • Power range from 750W to over 200kW
  • Decades of experience in control technology
  • Support of all common feedback systems
  • Integrated safety technology and control technology