Test machine Test machines for destructive measurements in the field of product quality testing

Absolutely precise control is required for destructive measurements (compression / tension) in the field of material testing. Our servo drive systems achieve this through high-resolution current and position measurement, various compensation methods (e.g. cogging compensation) in conjunction with the use of high-resolution encoder systems. The internal data is transmitted to the higher-level controller via a real-time bus system with bus speeds of up to 125 µs.

Your benefits A partnership with LTI Motion means for you:

  • High-resolution torque, speed and position measurement
  • Internal scope function
  • Internal measurement data of the servo drive controller can be evaluated externally
  • Functional safety technology integrated in the servo controller for safe position monitoring

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Technical highlights

  • Support of all fieldbus systems commonly used in industry
  • Wide power range from 750W to over 200kW
  • Up to 3-fold overload even at standstill
  • Very precise torque control

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