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System competence for machine tools – Your specialist for all your machine tool's electrical needs

System competence for machine tools Your specialist for all your machine tool's electrical needs

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Our modular system – Your machine

With our perfectly coordinated components from our modular system we offer everything you need to implement a complete solution for your machine tools. Our more than 40 years of experience enable us to solve challenging and complex processing tasks in a wide variety of machine tool applications and technologies - all from a single source.

Our CNC core developed in-house also enables us to respond to any custom requirements. This makes it possible to implement high-performance, protected and enhanced functions, such as erosion or laser processing, directly in the CNC core.

Examples of use

  • Milling (e.g. HSC milling or special machines for serial production)
  • Laser processing (e.g. 2D / 3D micro or surface processing
  • Laser cutting (e.g. 2D / 3D / tube or special applications such as stents)
  • Eroding (e.g. vertical erosion or erosion with rotating electrode)
  • Grinding processing of various kinds (e.g. sharpening tools, non-circular processing and special grinding machines)
  • Optics machining (e.g. turning or grinding)
  • Special machining (e.g. engraving or honing)
  • Kinematic machines (e.g. tripod, pentapod or hexapod)
  • Measuring machines with up to 16 axes
  • And much more

System solution Typical example: System components of an erosion machine

  • ServoOne CM with two two-axis controllers
  • HMI panel PC with touch-visualization (CPU up to Intel Core i7)
  • HMI operating system Windows 7
  • EtherCAT communication for external I/O units
  • Control of different types of motors, such as servomotors, linear motors, torque motors
  • Handheld terminal
  • EDM generator with FOC control
  • CoDeSys-3-based Soft PLC

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