Active magnetic bearing technology

LTI Motion is a pioneer in the area of industrial magnetic bearing technology. The active magnetic bearing technology developed and distributed under the name Levitec until 2014 is now being used in a range of different applications with particular demands in bearing technology. Mostly in systems where conventional bearing technology is stretched to its limits because of the high speeds. Over 3,000 magnetic bearing complete motors produced every year speak for themselves.

  • Maintenance-free systems thanks to a completely contactless bearing system, even when stopped
  • Speeds greater than 100,000 min-1 are possible thanks to wear-free bearing technology
  • Maximum smoothness using automatic compensation of residual imbalances
  • Maximum energy efficiency by eliminating losses to bearing friction
  • Completely oil-free bearing
  • Acquisition of process information (e.g. process forces) using integrated sensor systems
  • Adaptive adjustment of bearing damping and stiffness through parameterizable controls
  • Patented high-resolution position measurement of the shaft for maximum precision
  • Automatically implemented imbalance compensation
  • Easy integration of magnetic bearing technology into existing communication topologies
  • Easy implementation of a grid support operation in connection with LTI Motion drive controllers

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