High-speed integrated motor technology

High-speed applications place particular demands on the drive technology to be used. The high-speed systems must be built as short as possible because of rotor dynamic considerations and must also have a small diameter. Here, LTI Motion stands out against the majority of motor manufacturers because of its integrated motors, which use synchronous technology and are optimized for high speeds. Every year, almost 30,000 delivered motor parts find themselves in a diverse range of applications where maximum performance in the smallest installation space and maximum efficiency are essential.

  • Compact machine design with short motor parts (particularly compared to asynchronous motors)
  • Maximum smooth running thanks to minimal cogging torques
  • Minimum heat input on the shaft for temperature-sensitive processes or maximum processing accuracy
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to permanent-magnet synchronous motor technology
  • Can be used for air- or liquid-cooled motor and generator solutions
  • Space saving thanks to motor-integrated speed sensors for high-speed applications
  • Permanent-magnet synchronous motor technology optimized for maximum efficiency, minimum heating, minimum axial overall length and minimum diameter, depending on the application
  • Motor-integrated speed and temperature sensor
  • Media- or vacuum-resistant full potting of the motor stator
  • Stator designs with cooling sleeve for liquid cooling

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