Three-point inverter power stage technology

In high-speed applications, switching and harmonic losses in conventional drive controllers with two-point inverter power stages lead to low system efficiency. A common remedy is to install additional motor filters (sinusoidal filters). However, these are expensive and bulky. With LTI Motion’s three-point inverter technology that has meanwhile been established on the market for more than 10 years, it is possible to achieve higher switching frequencies and therefore also lower losses, all without additional filtering measures.

  • Small cabinet thanks to omission of the motor filter (sinusoidal filter)
  • Less need for cooling thanks to minimum heat input in the motor
  • Maximum efficiency thanks to minimal motor current
  • Quiet motor operation due to minimal harmonics
  • Easy integration into the system communication thanks to the large number of available bus systems
  • Power stage concept established on the market for a long time
  • Maximum output frequencies of up to 4,000 Hz, corresponding to 240,000 min-1 with one-pole-paired motors
  • PWM switching frequencies of up to 64 kHz
  • Approximately sinusoidal motor current, without using an additional motor filter
  • Based on standard drive controller ServoOne
  • Various supported bus systems

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