Turbo blowers Cost-efficient air supply with magnetic bearing drive systems from LTI Motion

The Next Generation New magnetic bearing drive system for turbo blowers

  • Motor-integrated magnetic bearing controller
  • No sinusoidal filter
  • Integrated magnetic bearing power supply
  • One interface to drive system
  • No UPS / battery

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The new LEVITURB for turbo blowers Magnetic bearing solutions couldn't be simpler

The most compact and cost-efficient magnetic bearing drive system for turbo blowers in aeration applications (e.g. wastewater, fermentation, air knives) – all components from a single source.

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High Robustness against process influences

Magnetic bearings from LTI Motion offer high robustness against process influences such as axial shocks. In contrast to air-bearing or ball-bearing systems, magnetic bearings offer higher bearing forces, their sensors detect process influences, allow proactive adaptation of bearing behavior to such events and provide feedback on the frequency and strength of process influences.

Your benefits A partnership with LTI Motion provides:

  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Quick installation & commissioning
  • Reliable and oil-free operation (24/7)
  • Single point of contact
  • Competent project planning & support

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Our core competencies We know what is important

LTI Motion has been active in the field of magnetic bearing drive systems for turbo blowers used for waste water aeration and yeast production for many years, with more than 500 systems today. The company's technology portfolio for turbo systems and turbo blowers has expanded constantly since 1971 and today, LTI Motion produces approx. 3,000 magnetic-bearing drive systems annually in serial production. These include frequency inverters, synchronous motors (PMSM), and active magnetic bearings developed in-house.

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LTI Motion magnetic bearing systems …

  • run contactless until standstill (cyclic operation supported)
  • do not require any battery or UPS during a grid loss
  • need less than 100 W during operation, with a motor power of 300 kW
  • offer higher and more controlled axial forces than air bearings
  • provide process-oriented data for optimized plant management
  • do not need any labyrinth seals
  • support surge identification and avoidance

Single source System competence

Increasing energy efficiency, reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO), and increasing availability – these are the most important goals for manufacturers of turbo blower components today. The powerful LTI Motion systems offer everything you need to meet these growing requirements:

  • Energy-efficient motors and motor elements
  • Active magnetic bearings with permanent magnet bias
  • Broad portfolio of standard and high-speed drive controllers
  • Grid connection components
  • Enhanced sensor systems

Your system solution Magnetic bearing turbo blower (example)

  • Complete motor power train from a single source – you only take care of the fluid engineering
  • Short commissioning times due to perfectly matched components
  • No UPS required for the magnetic bearings due to their built-in grid loss support
  • Maximum turbo speeds with low total loss
  • Compact design of motor and electronics thanks to a water cooling system
  • Completely maintenance-free and oil-free magnetic bearing for maximum availability of the system

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Jörg Möglich-Hellhund
Jörg Möglich-Hellhund
Manager Industry Solutions Turbo Systems
Mobile: +49 1726878013


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