turbo compressors and gas turbines

Turbo compressors, turbomolecular pumps and gas turbines Drive systems for various applications such as refrigeration, vacuum generation, or compressed air

Turbomolecular pumps Purest vacuum for technology processes

For more than 45 years, LTI Motion has been supplying drive systems with or without magnetic bearings up to 1 kW for high-speed turbomolecular pumps with speeds above 100,000 rpm.

  • Quick installation due to complete drive systems ready for the installation of the turbo impeller
  • Compact due to built-in drive electronics and bearing electronics
  • Reliable and oil-free operation due to maintenance-free magnetic bearings
  • Quiet, low-vibration running due to active compensation of imbalances

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Turbo compressors Top performance through innovative technology

LTI Motion offers magnetic bearing drive systems for refrigerant compressors, air compressors and compressors in heat pumps.

  •  Reliability (24/7) through maintenance-free magnetic bearings
  • Low operating costs thanks to maximum efficiency
  • Clean media (e.g. compressed air) due to oil-free magnetic bearings
  • Quiet, low-vibration running due to active compensation of imbalances

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Gas turbines Generating energy with magnetic bearing turbo generators

In times of scarce resources and renewable energies, decentralised solutions for generating and storing energy using turbo generators are needed in various fields, such as gas expansion, ORC, or micro gas turbines. LTI Motion solutions offer:

  • Total efficiency up to > 90 % thanks to efficient permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM)
  • Maximum availability due to maintenance-free magnetic bearings (24/7 operation)
  • Clear responsibilities and quick project planning because the complete generator power train comes from a single source
  • Media resistance due to encapsulated motor solution

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Your system solution Magnetic bearing turbo blower (example)

  • Complete motor power train from a single source – you only take care of the fluid engineering
  • Short commissioning times due to perfectly matched components
  • No UPS required for the magnetic bearings due to their built-in grid loss support
  • Maximum turbo speeds with low total loss
  • Compact design of motor and electronics thanks to a water cooling system
  • Completely maintenance-free and oil-free magnetic bearing for maximum availability of the system

Development partnerships

LTI Motion maintains partnerships with leading universities and institutes in the fields of high-speed drive engineering and magnetic bearing engineering. This proximity to research has been giving LTI Motion and formerly Levitec an early start when it comes to transforming new, innovative technologies into series-ready products for the high-tech industry. Today, this means that we can help you get the most out of your machine.

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Jörg Möglich-Hellhund
Industry Manager Turbo Systems
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