Pitch control systems

Pitch control systems Benefit from our unique product and technology portfolio

Your benefits A partnership with LTI Motion provides:

  • More than 20 years of application expertise
  • Cost efficiency and flexibility for your preferred system architecture
  • Functional safety reduces the use of materials 
  • Reduction in operating costs

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20 years of application expertise A successful track record

LTI Motion has been supporting well-known wind turbine manufacturers in improving and constantly further developing their systems since the product launch of wind turbines with active pitch control. LTI Motion started to modify standard drive technology to the rough environment and tailor new developments to this application very early on. Today the pitch drivers contain a wealth of application-specific hardware and software functions, specialised in reliable pitch control in onshore and offshore wind energy.



Flexibility for your preferred system architecture

  • Whether it's 3 or 4, 6 or 7 box architecture, LTI Motion offers you a flexible platform to implement your system architecture.
  • We support you with various cooling systems and fanless designs for flexible integration in control cabinets and rotating hubs.
  • The latest generation of pitch control systems supports you with the integrated electronic charging and condition monitoring of lead-acid batteries and double layer capacitors for your preferred backup power technology.
  • Whether it's DC motors, AC standard machines or dynamic permanent magnet motors in SPM or IPM technology, LTI Motion offers you experience and references for the control concept of your choice.

Functional safety reduces the use of materials

Besides conforming with the relevant Germanischer Lloyd regulations and TÜV certified safety, LTI Motion also offers you a variety of safety functions with design advantages for your wind turbine.

Your benefits:

  • Profilable emergency movement profiles with specific drive and braking moments help reduce extreme loads for the system and therefore achieve significant savings in material costs.

  • Thanks to the controlled emergency movement, unnecessary safety margins can also be eliminated in the backup energy storage and drive train.

  • The use of functional safety also allows for new solutions to further reduce components costs with TÜV attested performance level PLd (PLe according to ISO13849 on sytem level).

Reduction in operating costs

To reduce operating costs, the LTI Motion pitch drivers offer increased robustness and easier servicing to keep any costs for the wind turbine’s downtime to a minimum.

The pitch control systems are specified and tested for the rough environment, permanent rotation and operation in unstable grids. They are characterized by the extended temperature range for HCV and CCV locations and offer a high turbine availability in accordance with the latest Grid Code requirements worldwide.

Your benefits:

  • Remote software updates via OPC-UA to reduce expensive service stops
  • A long life due to matching drive components specialized for the wind industry
  • High fault tolerance and availability in the event of grid faults, e.g. HVRT
  • Integrated condition monitoring functions for the power electronics and connected pitch components for the better planning of service stops (preventive maintenance)
  • Easier troubleshooting without service laptop and shortest analysis time at the wind turbine
  • Faster equipment replacement and commissioning at the press of a button
Senkung der Anlagenbetriebskosten
Senkung der Anlagenbetriebskosten

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Daniel Geißbauer
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