Yaw systems

Yaw systems New trendsetting control concepts for yaws

Your benefits A partnership with LTI Motion provides:

  • Higher energy yield thanks to more accurate alignment of the yaw
  • Considerably less wear to mechanical components thanks to the active bracing of the axes 
  • Controlled acceleration and braking moments for the four-quadrant operation
  • Lower plant costs thanks to the Substitution of slow hydraulic brakes

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Pitch Control Systems_Ihre Vorteile

The intelligent drive concept (DC-bus connection) With high output range and active front end

A wind turbine’s product life cycle of 25 years or more calls for low-wear control concepts for the multi-axis system. As a servo specialist, LTI Motion offers you a wealth of experience and variety of references in the dynamic synchronisation of multi-axis solutions.




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Daniel Geißbauer
Daniel Geißbauer
Global Industry Management – Wind Energy

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