SystemOne CM The perfect automation system for mechanical engineering

With a typical configuration of six axes, including motion controller, safety PLC and auxiliary power supply, the automation system SystemOne CM saves around 40% on cabinet space. The following components of SystemOne CM are perfectly integrated in one system:

  • Scalable motion control
  • Safety control
  • Supply unit
  • Power supply for auxiliary voltage supply
  • Single-axis, two-axis and three-axis controllers

LTI Motion perfectly integrates these components in a single form factor and sets completely new standards in terms of compactness, simplicity, flexibility, safety, dynamics and precision in automation technology.

75% more compact with SystemOne CM:

  • 40% space saving compared to multi-axis systems
  • 75% space saving compared to single-axes
  • Unique three-axis controller
  • Supply unit with integrated 24 V power supply

With SystemOne CM, everything is easy:

  • Greatly reduced costs for assembly and installation
  • Reduced cable lengths thanks to one-cable solution
  • Central programming and parameterization with the MotionCenter tool

Flexibility through functionality:

  • Motion functions in accordance with PLCopen
  • Handling packages from cartesian kinematics to H-portals
  • CNC packages, CNC licenses and modules for laser processing

With safety SystemOne CM:

  • Safety system with programmable safety system control
  • STO as standard in the axis controller
  • Safe movements in the axis controller

Dynamics and precision:

  • ASIC LTI Motion drive with high computing power
  • Efficient control structures
  • Compensation functions
  • Monitor for controlling vibrating mechanisms
  • Auto-tuning

Unlimited Power:

  • Power range from 10 to 100 kW
  • Three-axis controllers up to 3 x 12 A and two-axis controllers up to 2 x 45 A nominal current
  • Power supply unit with and without regenerative feedback
  • Expansion module will be available for configuring multiline cabinets
  • As an option an integrated auxiliary power supply of 24 V / 20 A is available
  • In the event of power failure the energy of the DC link is available to realize targeted emergency measures

Compactness The new benchmark for automation systems - SystemOne CM

SystemOne CM is the standard for compactness in automation systems. With a typical configuration of 6 axes, including motion control, safety control and auxiliary power supply, SystemOne CM saves approx. 40% of the space in the cabinet compared to the customary multi-axis systems and an additional 60% compared to the use of single-axes.

The compactness of SystemOne CM is achieved through the following points:

  • Motion control with integrated safety control
  • Supply unit with integrated 24 V power supply
  • Three-axis controllers

Image functionality

Functionality Function packages for a range of applications


  • Motion control function blocks based on PLCopen as the international standard for control technology
  • Function blocks for single- and multi-axis movements and logic functions


  • For simple handling tasks up to robotics applications with their typical kinematics


Safety Safety as an integral part of SystemOne CM

Thanks to the high level of safety and extensive functionality, the automation system can be used in a wide range of applications:

Safety PLC
The safety control contains the safety program and easily manages the safe I/Os as well as the safe movement in the drive controllers

Standard axis controllers
STO in accordance with SIL3, PL e, KAT 4, SBC according to SIL2, PL d, KAT 3

Axis controllers as an option
Safe motion functions such as SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SLI, SDI and SLP in accordance with SIL3, PL e, KAT 4

Increased productivity
The SystemOne safety technology responds intelligently to errors or maintenance work.

Simplicity Everything easy - with the automation system SystemOne CM

Easy installation

Installation costs are greatly reduced compared to conventional solutions, firstly because of the lower number of parts needed and secondly because these can be efficiently connected with each other using a simple connection system.

One-cable technology

The automation system SystemOne CM supports one-cable technology as well as conventional encoder systems. This makes it possible to completely dispense with the encoder cable and further simplify installation. The encoder information and the motor temperature are transmitted over just two motor cable strands.

Simplicity new

Dynamics and precision More performance from your machine

SystemOne CM has a range of functions with the goal of increasing the machine’s dynamics and precision.

Computing power
Powerful ASIC drive with 32 bit micro-controller and floating point unit per axis controller › three-axis controller without restricting the computing power.

Control functions
Compensation of encoder errors, errors in the mechanical transmission path, frictional and cogging torques, fading of resonance frequencies, predictive pilot control structure with pico-interpolation

Identification of the machine mechanism and automatic parameterization of the control structures and parameters

Unlimited power Power range from 10 to 100 kW

Supply unit without regenerative feedback CMP
An integrated brake chopper is used to convert the regenerative energy. Size 1 and 2 have an integrated switchable power separation.

Supply unit with regenerative feedback CMA
These supply units allow for minimum mains feedback due to sinusoidal current consumption and regenerative feedback.

Drive controllers size 3 and 4
The drive system is particularly compact and attractively priced thanks to the use of three-axis controllers up to 3 x 12 A and two-axis controllers up to 2 x 45 A nominal current.

DC link components
An expansion module is available for connecting large and small drive controllers or for configuring multi-tier cabinets.

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