andronic 3060 High End CNC Control

The CNC control andronic 3060 is a cnc system that leaves nothing to be desired. High performance from the CNC control up to the drives with sufficient performance buffer to guarantee high dynamics and precision even with large data volumes.

The LTI Motion CNC control is available in two versions: the ultra-compact andronic 3060S controller for standard applications and the slightly larger andronic 3060L CNC control with sufficient power reserves for high-end applications.

High functional reliability of the CNC control is guaranteed by:

  • Selected industrial PC components
  • Standardized digital sercos drive interface
  • Common fieldbus systems such as EtherCAT, Profibus, InterBus or CANopen as interface to all I/O peripherals

andronic 3060 features:

  • Up to 16 simultaneously interpolating axes
  • Compensation functions
  • Real-time coordinate transformations


  • Integration of hardware provided by the customer
  • Interface for the connection of customer software
  • Control of pulse and analog-controlled laser units
  • Position synchronized pulse signals with a resolution time of 10ns
  • Laser commands are programmed based on position
  • Analog power setting (0-10V) can be interpolated within the contour.

Dynamics and precision:

  • Higher computing power due to the dual processor architecture
  • Very short block processing time of just 100 µs
  • Dynamic look ahead buffer
  • Pico-interpolation


The andronic 3060 CNC control has numerous types of interpolation, while up to 16 axes can be interpolated simultaneously. Various axis and geometric errors can be compensated by the andronic 3060 CNC system. The andronic 3060 CNC control supports complex real-time coordinate transformations such as 5-axis RTCP.

User interface

The clearly structured interface of the cnc control system can be used intuitively. The Human Machine Interface (HMI) programmed based on .NET has numerous configuration options and can easily be adjusted to the end user's needs.

In light of the wide range of uses of the andronic CNC control, ranging from conventional applications such as milling and eroding to laser processing, through to highly dynamic processing, great importance was placed on optimal usability when designing the user interface.


The AFL (andron Function Library) software tool makes it possible to integrate in-house programs and applications from the measurement data evaluation through to the complete user interface (HMI) into the andronic CNC control quickly and conveniently. It is possible to access all database contents and the interface signals using defined commands.

The free slots in the andronic 3060 allow the customer to integrate further hardware, e.g. standard PC components or even customer-specific electronics into the CNC control.

Laser control

The andronic has an interface card to control pulse and analog-controlled laser units. The pulse signals are generated in a position synchronized way and with a temporal resolution and repeat accuracy of 10ns. Laser switch commands are programmed based on the position in the G-code and are executed without interrupting the contour.
Changes to speed have no influence on the placement of the laser pulses. Alternatively, a PWM signal can also be output. The analog power setting (0-10V) can be interpolated within the contour.

Dynamics & precision

The andronic 3060 CNC control has a range of features to increase the dynamics and precision of machine tools:

  • Due to the high computing power of the andronic 3060, the block processing time is just 100 µs. This enables maximum dynamics, even when processing large data volumes.
  • The andronic 3060 has a dynamic look ahead buffer with a preview of up to 25,000 sets. Contour accuracy is ensured, even at high speeds.
  • The pico-interpolation of the andronic 3060 leads to more precise speed and acceleration interpolation in drives and thus to a better operating smoothness of the machine tools.

Technical specifications

andronic CNC controlandronic 3060Sandronic 3060L

x: Standard
o: Option
-: not available

HMI-CPU standard

Intel Celeron M, 1.73 GHz

Intel Core i5 2.3 GHz

HMI-CPU optional

Intel Core Duo 2.0 GHz

Intel Core i7 2.1 GHz


Intel Celeron M, 1.73 GHz

Intel Celeron M, 1.73 GHz



Mass storage

60 GB SSD, optional 120 GB

60 GB SSD, optional 120 GB
Block processing time100 µs100 µs
Interpolation timefrom 125 µsfrom 125 µs
Number of interpolating axes4, optionally 1616
Number of axes altogether1616
Laser pulse generator interfaceoo
Hand wheel interfaceoo
Field bus for CNC axes

Sercos II or Sercos III

Sercos II or Sercos III

Slots for expansion cards-

1x PCI,
1x PCI Express x16,
1x PCI Express x1

Operating systemWindows 7Windows 7

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