DriveManager Configuration and commissioning tool for drive controls

The LTI Motion PC software DriveManager is the configuration and commissioning tool for the LTI Motion ServoOne drive control family, including ServoOne CM, ServoA and c-line with CODESYS programming system & scope function.

The DriveManager supports you with:

  • Configuration
  • Commissioning
  • Service
  • Diagnosis
  • Programming editor for the servo controller families ServoOne and cLine. 


  • Windows application
  • Single or multi-axis projects
  • Can be used for remote maintenance and EoE operation
  • Offline parameter set creation
  • Scope function for drive controllers
  • Programming editor for sequence control of the c-line (PLC) and ServoOne (iPLC – CODESYS 3) drive controllers


  • One tool for all drives
  • Handling of single parameters and parameter sets
  • Online parameter alteration
  • Graphic operation guidance using masks
  • User manuals available as online help


  • Administration of device and axis parameter sets, commissioning file as device image
  • General and custom motor database
  • Scope function for diagnostics and optimization of the control settings
  • Firmware update
  • Individual screen configuration


  • Comparison of parameter sets
  • Lock function on operating sequences
  • Service mail function with project archive
  • Creation of filter settings


  • Convenient status display of active devices
  • Project archive for diagnostics by specialists
  • Dynamic scope function up to 62µs cycle time


  • Programming editor for c-line single-axis sequence control
  • CODESYS 3 programming system for ServoOne iPLC
  • Creation of device commissioning file from parameter set, sequence program and firmware

Configuration and commissioning Comprehensive support in all phases of the project

The DriveManager 5 graphic PC user software with integrated user assistance (“Program help" and “Device help”) and an automatic self-adjustment reduces commissioning times.

  • DriveManager 5 is network-compatible and can manage several axis controllers simultaneously in one project.
  • Initial commissioning of one or more servocontrollers
  • Fast serial commissioning with a configurable commissioning file (contains firmware, parameters, iPLC program)
  • Operation and diagnostics, including with cockpit and 6-channel oscilloscope
  • Firmware update of axis controllers and supply units
  • Test and commissioning of single axes using manual operation function
  • Project management

Service and diagnostics Simple and efficient

One special feature is the simulation of the controller so that development can be carried out without any hardware components.

A scope function that also visualizes 3D axis kinematics in the simulation, supports diagnostics and commissioning.

Problems occurring during operation are conveniently recorded in the automatically generated status report and can be used by specialist for the diagnostics.

The entire programming is saved onto an exchangeable memory card. This guarantees a quick exchange without the use of tools.

Programming Standard CODESYS

The DriveManager operating tool is not only for configuration, diagnostics and data maintenance for LTI drive controllers, it serves as the programming editor for axis controller-based sequence control.

The ServoOne device family also uses a CODESYS 3 run-time system. Programming occurs via the standard editor from 3S.

Program sequences are copied with the parameter set via the DriveManager.

Status information regarding the sequence control is available in the DriveManager.

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