MotionCenter CODESYS 3-based configuration tool for IEC, CNC and handling technology applications

MotionCenter is the tool frame for all phases of the automation process. From configuration and programming to diagnostics and simulation, the user has a universal engineering environment at his fingertips.

The MotionCenter setup includes the IEC editor for CODESYS, the visualization editor for creating HMI projects, the technology libraries for single-axis and handling applications, the documentation package and the data to work with a control simulation.

MotionCenter is a CODESYS-based programming software, which allows MotionOne controls to be programmed based on the international standard (IEC 611311.3).

  • Programming in accordance with IEC 611131-3 and in C/C++
  • Supports all programming languages defined in accordance with IEC 61131-3 (ST, AWL, KOP, FBS, AS)
  • General configuration (axis configuration, configuration of handling kinematics, visualization devices, etc.)
  • Field bus master and slave configuration (EtherCAT, CANopen)

The MotionCenter tool frame is equipped with diagnostics options and simulation tools for automation processes. These make the programmer's tasks much easier in each phase of an automation project.

  • Debug functions, such as breakpoints, watch points and variable monitors, etc.
  • Simulation of controls, drives and kinematics.
    Development without hardware
  • Status reports for easy diagnostics without machinery

The development environment with the corresponding MotionCenter tool frame contains a Java-based visualization solution as standard.

The visualization editor receives all the necessary data about the display used and the IEC project from the configuration of the device tree.

  • Parallel operation of two independent visualizations
  • Large library for controls, widgets, standard masks, diagnostics functions and I/O monitoring
  • Flexible extension by Java
  • Multi-touch solutions in development

IEC programming system Standardized programming plus industry-specific technology

The configuration and programming of the MotionOne control platform is based on the established CODESYS 3.5 programming system.

MotionCenter provides the entire tool frame for automation processes, from creating the device configuration to setting all essential functions, such as field bus and task management, through to the administration of technology packages.

The standard scope of delivery of the tool frame includes all functions and libraries. Licensing occurs when the tool frame is is first used on a controller.

Service and diagnostics The best possible support during commissioning and troubleshooting

One special feature is the simulation of the controller so that development can be carried out without any hardware components.

A scope function that also visualizes 3D axis kinematics in the simulation, supports diagnostics and commissioning.

Problems occurring during operation are conveniently recorded in the automatically generated status report and can be used by specialist for the diagnostics.

The entire project is saved onto an exchangeable memory card. If necessary, a quick device exchange is guaranteed without using tools.

Visualization The simple path to sophisticated HMI solutions for automation processes

The various visualization editor libraries contain controls, graphic elements for buttons and the like, as well as various screen layouts for the simple creation of attractive visualization solutions. Aside from the possibility of operating different stationary and mobile visualization projects in parallel, the system also offers extensive support in programming. For example , this includes converting and standardizing variables, automatically scaling the user interface to the display being used and multi-lingual support.

The next generation already supports multi-touch devices with an attractive selection of gestures and added functions, such as screen expansion using side panels.

MotionCenter Technical specification

ContentsMotionCenter, ViEditor, control software and documentation
Delivery formDVD
System requirements

Operating system

Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7
Processor minimalIntel Pentium or compatible 1.6 GHz
Minimum main memory1 GB
Recommended processor2.4 GHz
Recommended main memory2 GB
Necessary hard drive memory1.3 GB

MotionCenter Technical specification

NameLicenseFunctionalityArt. no.
MotionCenter LX Std
Workstation license

MotionCenter LX Standard workstation license

Software package
- Delivery form: DVD
- Contents: MotionCenter, Vleditor, Scope, control software, demos and documentation
- Creation of PLCopen based IEC projects, drive parameterization and creation of HMI projects (Vleditor)
- Single station license

MotionCenter LX FSWorkstation license

MotionCenter LX Safety workstation license

- like Standard but including:
- programming (safety)
- demos and documentation

1556.1032 in preparation
MotionCenter LX AdvWorkstation license

MotionCenter LX Advanced workstation license

- like Safety but including:
- creation of IEC, handling and robotics configurations for standard kinematics
- programming (IEC and Cairo)
- 30 model viewer/scope
- templates and examples for robotics
- documentation

1556.1034 in development

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