SafetyManager Operating tool for LTI safety solutions

SafetyManager covers all of the data handling relating to the safety technology. It offers a consistent concept, from the programming, parameterization and functional test through to validation assistance.

The SafetyManager displays the entire machine safety solution clearly and concisely. To do so, numerous predefined sensors, encoders and actuators are made available to the user.

The sensors, encoders and actuators defined during configuration are automatically made available to the user in the function plan. The interfaces can thus be easily combined into a machine safety solution with the help of logic blocks and safety functions. 

All safety functions can be easily parameterized. To do so, the SafetyManager provides a clear menu in which all adjustable parameters and the properties of the safety functions are displayed.

The SafetyManager allows the user to compile the previously configured, programmed and parameterized application into a validation report. This serves as a guide through machine validation for the user and can be appended to the machine documentation.

Configuration Simple mapping of the machine safety solution

The SafetyManager offers the user a separate configuration menu. In this menu, you can select the connected safe sensors, encoders and actuators and parameterize these via context-related menu fields. The tool offers useful support with safety-specific issues, allowing the optimum selection and configuration without any problems.

The configurator supports the evaluation of familiar safety technology acquisition units such as: emergency stop, agreement, operation mode switches, protective door switches, tumblers, pressure mats, light grid, light screen, laser scanner and even two-handed operation. After selecting the usual safety technology sensors, the configuration of the axis related encoders takes place. The encoder configuration and parameterization automatically releases the permissible safety functions for motion monitoring.

Finally, the actuators are configured. The entire terminal diagram for the safety application of your machine is now complete.

Programming / parameterization Simple implementation of safety functions

A programming environment for safety technologies that does without a graphically oriented programming language is simply only half as good!

For this reason, we decided on the “function block language” based on graphic function blocks.

This programming language is based on IEC 61131-3 (function block diagram FBD) and visualizes the links between the inputs and outputs of the function blocks in the safe monitoring PLC.
Programming the safety application takes place in a separate screen. The previously configured sensors, encoders and actuators are already pre-processed and are available as logical elements. Next, the safety functions for motion monitoring (SLS, SLI, SLP, etc.) are chosen and parameterized using the appropriate context-related menu fields. These are also reduced to a logical input and output state in each case. The actual programming occurs by linking the motion monitoring functions with the logic functions (AND, OR, XORD, NEG, Logic 1, RS-Flipflop, Timer).

This allows the speed, acceleration, deceleration and position of the single axes to be monitored.

Validation Validation assistance with automatic validation report

The implemented configuration, parameterization and programming must be validated. Safe Monitoring PLC also provides support in this respect. After transferring the program and the parameter data to the drive controllers or to the safety control, a configuration report is issued.

This must then be validated according to the prescribed guidelines. The program and the parameter data are then blocked so that no more changes can be made. This validated data set is then used in the standard machine.

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