With MotionOne CM our control technology is perfectly integrated in the LTI Motion multi-axis system SystemOne CM. MotionOne CM is suitable for simple control applications and for dynamic and complex applications.

  • Scalable motion control
  • Application-specific technology packages
  • Safety control
  • Flexible communication
  • Intelligent support of system components
  • Integrated HMI solution

Flexibility through functionality:

  • PLCopen library for single-axis and synchronous motions
  • CNC packages, CNC licenses and modules for laser processing
  • Handling packages from Cartesian kinematics to H portals

 Functional safety scalable:

  • Programmable safety control
  • Safe motion monitoring of up to 20 axes
  • Intelligent solutions with variable encoder systems
  • Shortest reaction times

Security, secure on the web and for know-how:

  • Linux operating system
  • Internet security in the machine network and hall network
  • Intelligent user administration
  • Know-how protection by integrating C modules

 Openness for system design:

  • CODESYS 3.5 run-time environment
  • Standardized communication
  • Support of non-system modules

I/O system, the interface to your machine:

  • Simple integration of non-system parts
  • IO extension via standard EtherCAT
  • Simple diagnosis

HMI solutions as required:

  • Java-based visualization solution integrated
  • DVI interface for touch displays
  • System-specific mobile panel solutions
  • Visualization tool with libraries for controls and widgets
  • UPC UA support

Flexibility MotionOne CM control technology contains technology packages for numerous applications:

  • PLCopen
    Motion control function blocks based on PLCopen as the international standard for control technology. Function blocks for single-axis and coupled movement and logic functions

  • Robotics
    For simple handling tasks up to robotics applications with their typical kinematics

  • CNC
    CNC packages, CNC licenses and modules for laser processing

Safety MotionOne CM control technology as integral part of SystemOne CM

Thanks to the high levels of safety and extensive functionality, it can be used in a wide range of applications:

  • Safety PLC
    The safety control contains the safety program and easily manages the safe I/Os as well as the safe movement in the drive controllers

  • Standard axis controllers
    STO in accordance with SIL3, PL e, KAT 4, SBC according to SIL2, PL d, KAT 3

  • Optional axis controllers
    Safe motion functions such as SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SLI, SDI and SLP in accordance with SIL3,
    PL e, KAT 4

Security Know-how and protection with MotionOne CM control technology

  • Internet security is becoming more and more important. The MotionOne CM control technology is prepared for this
  • The Linux operating system limits the potential for attacks to a minimum. 
  • The Ethernet ports feature safety mechanisms for use in the hall network or machine network.

Openness Open standards for simple completion of your machine solution

Starting with the CODESYS 3.5 run-time system, the user benefits from the wide spectrum of this development system. However, openness also means supporting common standards. This includes field bus systems, protocols and functions.

Used as masters, the supported EtherCAT and CANopen field buses permit expansion using non-system components. Protocol standards like OPC UA and Modbus IP are also supported. The basic functions of MotionOne also include PLCopen-compliant component libraries and G-Code.

I/O system The interface of the Motion Control for your machine

The interface to the machine with all its sensors and actuators is very often the I/O system.

The system-specific RIO system offers all necessary functions for connecting analog and digital signals with ease thanks to prepared integration. By connecting or removing bus couplers, a wide range of configurations are possible.

Third-party systems can also be easily used with the standardized EtherCAT.

HMI The interface to the machine operator

The interface to the machine operator and the machine manufacturer's figurehead is the visualization device.

HMI solutions ranging from simple monitors up to mobile panels are possible with the MotionOne automation platform. A DVI interface enables the operation of simple touch displays. The system-specific displays are also fitted with onboard IOs to include the operating elements near the panel. LTI’s mobile display devices offer more freedom of movement for the operator and support the necessary safety functions.

MotionOne control technology

MO CM-3.xMO CM-6.x
Technical specification
Min. task cycle time1ms1ms
Min. motion-task cycle time8ms1ms
Retain data memory100 kB100kB
RAM memory1GB4GB

Handling axes (robotics kinematics)
Robotics applications via EasyMotion/Motion libraries

Robotics functionality: Manual axes66
PLCopen axes:
Single axes via MFB library

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