Remote I/O-System RIO I/O system

RIO is the I/O system suitable for MotionOne. It contains analog and digital communication and encoder evaluation modules for automation solutions.

The modules can be connected directly to the MotionOne CP controller and can be operated remotely at any time with an EtherCAT bus coupler.

The I/O system can be flexibly used to generate automation solutions:

Digital I/Os: 4, 8, 16 inputs per module; 8, 14 outputs

Analog I/Os: 4, 4, 2/2 inputs/outputs

Temperature measuring modules: 4, 6 inputs

Communication modules: RS232 / 422, CANopen, Ethernet

Encoder modules: 4 TTL / SSI

The supply concept allows a central and secure shut down of the machine parts.

The I/O modules comply with all EN 61131 standards.

Particular attention was paid to interference immunity and industry capability. Output modules are designed for the switching of inductive loads.

A standard galvanic separation in all modules increases the interference immunity and allows machine parts to be shut down.

MotionOne CM Rio


The I/O modules of RIO can be connect to the MotionOne CM controller via a bus coupler module or directly to the LACP 26x. The I/O modules are connected to one another via a special connector system. A system bus uses this to distribute information. The whole system is installed on the mounting rail.

The position of an I/O module can be freely chosen. Every assembly has its own address and can therefore be clearly assigned. A maximum of 12 I/O modules can be attached.

RIO extension modules

RIO extension modules
Interfaces onboardRS232, RS422
Dimensions11.5 x 120 x 76mm
Digital inputs4 / 8 / 16
Digital outputs4 / 8 / 16
Analog inputs/outputs4
Temperature measurement modules RTC/TC4
Incremental encoder evaluationTTL / SSI
Pulse-width modulation module 24V / 2A

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