ServoOne CM Safety Servo controller with integrated safety control

With the optional safety control in the ServoOne CM servo controller, LTI Motion presents the further development of the previous safety solution ServoOne Safety.

  • Flexibility thanks to optional integrated safety control in the servocontroller
  • Communication via safe EtherCAT FSoE field bus
  • Safe evaluation of fully digital motor feedback systems
  • New ServoOne SafetyManager development environment reduces programming, testing and commissioning costs

Integrated safety control

  • Simple implementation of machine safety solutions
  • Graphically programmable
  • Certified function blocks

Due to the programmable integrated safety control, the ServoOne CM Safety is very flexible and versatile. In the safety program, users can choose whether to use the safety control integrated into the servocontroller and/or insert a central safety control.

The user has the option of operating the ServoOne CM Safety on the safe FSoE bus system.
The integrated safety control and the associated safety program allow both standardized profiles (safe drive profiles) as well as customized profile definitions to be easily implemented.

Central data handling with the new SafetyManager development environment

  • Simple data handling for stand-alone servocontrollers
  • Programmable via FSoE master
  • Simple serial commissioning
  • Validation support

Large range of safety functions

  • Safety functions in accordance with EN 61800-5-2
  • Numerous special functions for simple application
  • Predefined sensors

Integrated safety control Flexible use of the servo controller

Depending on the requirement, the servo controller ServoOne CM Safety can be operated as a stand-alone safety solution or as a FSoE slave. This flexibility is possible thanks to the implemented safety control in which the safe information is connected. As a result, depending on the area of application, a safe digital input or even a status word on a safe bus system can trigger the necessary safety function.

The safe linking of the signals can be freely chosen so that even customized FSoE profiles do not pose a problem.

FSoE slave Safe or customized drive profiles

The servo control ServoOne CM Safety systems are available with preprogrammed safe drive profiles or with standard STO functionality. Depending on the individual application, commissioning can take place very easily. Whether parameterization of the safety function via FSoE or functional commissioning of the machine, minimal effort is needed to start work. 

If the servo controller ServoOne CM Safety is used in the integrated FSoE system, all safety function parameters can be transmitted safely to the axis controller via FSoE so that a central safe parameter set exists.

Safe digital motor feedback system Safe one-cable solution

In addition to the proven motor feedback systems, ServoOne CM Safety also offers fully digital solutions. The first expansion stage supports the one-cable technology Hyperface DSL. This combines cost-efficiency, accuracy, performance and now safety as well.

Alternatively, proven encoder systems like SinCos, SSI or Resolver are naturally also still available.

SafetyManager New generation of safe development environments

In addition to primary safety functions, it is also important for users to use simple and comprehensive data handling in an area as complex as safety technology.

This is precisely what LTI provides in the next tool generation, the SafetyManager. The SafetyManager offers a proven simple programming and parameterization environment as well as even easier configuration of the axes and FSoE configuration.

Together with the CMS safety control, data handling of the entire safe automation solution can be carried out via the SafetyManager.

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