ServoOne Safety Machine safety through integrated safety control in the servo drive

With the introduction of the current standards in the field of safety technology, the requirements for the safety of machines have changed fundamentally. Many machine builders are therefore faced with the challenge of implementing these requirements as efficiently as possible.

ServoOne FS (Functional Safety) offers integrated safety control for greater machine safety. Its innovative properties form the basis for efficient machine safety solutions.

In cooperation with LTI Motion’s highly experienced team, economical solutions, customized to their application, can be swiftly implemented.

The safe device I/Os can be assigned and used in the safety application as desired.

  • Simple implementation of machine safety solutions
  • Graphically programmable
  • Certified function blocks

Safe cross-communication

  • Simple combination of up to 6 ServoOne FS
  • Without costly parallel wiring
  • Optimal use of I/O

Encoder flexibility

  • High encoder variance (Sin-Cos, Resolver, TTL, HTL)
  • Safe evaluation of two encoders per axis for monitoring the mechanism
  • Evaluation of a second encoder for monitoring another axis

Short response time

  • Two program tasks
  • Fast channel

Central data handling

  • Central data storage in the master
  • Simple serial commissioning
  • Validation support

Large range of safety functions

  • Safety functions in accordance with EN 61800-5-2
  • Numerous special functions for simple application
  • Predefined sensors

Integrated safety control Easy and clear

The ServoOne FS has a fully integrated safety control. Certified functional components are available to implement the safety application. These can be configured to the desired safety application with just a few clicks using a graphic interface. Even complex safety tasks can be solved easily and also displayed clearly.

Safe cross-communication Safe linking of up to 6 drives

The integrated safety control enables safe cross communication (SCC) and offers the possibility of linking up to 6 ServoOne FS. This creates a integrated safety system where the devices communicate without any complex parallel wiring.

The safe device I/Os can be assigned and used in the safety application as desir

Central data handling Simple commissioning and validation thanks to central data

Loading the safety program in a ServoOne FS automatically turns it into a safety control and safety master of the integrated safety system.
All other ServoOne FS automatically become slaves. The safety program also includes the safe device parameters of the entire integrated safety system. The user therefore never has to worry about consistent parameterization because this is already ensured as a matter of principle.

High encoder variation Application flexibility of the safety control

Various encoder systems are often required depending on the demands of the customer application. ServoOne FS therefore supports the safe evaluation of numerous encoders such as Resolver, SinCos, SSI and TTL. In order to avoid errors in the mechanical line, a second encoder (E2) can be evaluated directly on the load in addition to the motor encoder (E1).
A monitoring option even enables the motion of a second motor to be safely monitored, allowing the implementation of very cost-effective safety solutions.

Short response time compact solutions thanks to short response times

The shorter the response time to an event, the shorter the corresponding response paths are. A fast channel cut-off has therefore been implemented in ServoOne FS alongside the normal safety control program cycle. This ensures for response times of less than 6ms, even in multi-axis operation and is therefore approx. 12 times faster than traditional solutions with a cut-off relay.
This allows working at higher speed thresholds or a reduction clearances and the construction of compacter machines.

Large range of safety functions Innovative solutions for complex requirements

In addition to the standard safety functions in line with EN61800-5-2, the ServoOne FS offers numerous certified special functions that allow the user to innovatively solve even complex requirements for their machine. In combination with predefined sensors, the machine function can be mapped in the program with ease.

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