ServoOne CM The compact multi-axis servo drive for your automation technology

The ServoOne CM servo drive is a component of the SystemOne CM multi-axis automation system. The ServoOne CM servo drive contains the following components, perfectly harmonized with each other:

  • Supply unit
  • Power supply for auxiliary voltage supply
  • Single-axis, two-axis and three-axis servo controllers

75 % more compact with ServoOne CM:

  • 40 % space saving compared to multi-axis systems
  • 75 % space saving compared to single-axes
  • Unique three-axis controller
  • Supply unit with integrated 24 V power supply

Everything is easy with ServoOne CM:

  • Greatly reduced costs for assembly and installation
  • Reduced cable lengths with one-cable solution

Safe and secure – ServoOne CM:

  • Safety control integrated into the axis controller
  • STO as standard in the axis controller
  • Safe movements in the axis controller

Dynamics and precision:

  • ASIC LTI drive with high computing power
  • Efficient control structures
  • Compensation functions
  • Monitor for controlling vibrating mechanisms
  • Auto-tuning


SystemOne CM is the standard for compactness in automation systems. With a typical configuration of 6 axes, including auxiliary power supply, SystemOne CM saves approx. 40% of the space in the cabinet as compared with the customary multi-axis systems and an additional 60% as compared with the use of single-axes.

The compactness of SystemOne CM is achieved through the following points:

  • Supply unit with integrated 24 V power supply
  • Three-axis controllers


Safety technology is an integral part of ServoOne CM servo drive. Thanks to the high levels of safety, extensive functionality and response times of 2 ms, it can be implemented in all applications:

  • Standard
    STO in accordance with SIL3, PL e, KAT 4, SBC according to SIL2, PL d, KAT 3
  • Option
    Safe motion functions such as SS1, SS2, SOS, SLS, SLI, SDI and SLP in accordance with SIL3, PL e, KAT 4
  • Safety PLC
    The Safety PLC integrated into the drive controller can respond to events very flexibly and quickly.


Easy installation

Installation costs are greatly reduced compared to other conventional solutions, firstly because of the lower number of parts needed and secondly because these can be efficiently connected with each other using a simple connection system.

One-cable technology

SystemOne CM supports one-cable technology as well as conventional encoder systems. This makes it possible to completely dispense with the encoder cable and further simplify installation. The encoder information and the motor temperature are transmitted over just 2 motor cable strands.

Dynamics and precision

ServoOne CM servo drive has a range of functions with the goal of increasing the machine’s Dynamics and precision.

Computing power
Powerful ASIC drive with 32 bit micro-controller and floating point unit per axis controller, three-axis controller without restricting the computing power.

Control functions
Compensation of encoder errors, errors in the mechanical transmission path, frictional and cogging torques, fading of resonance frequencies, predictive pilot control structure with pico-interpolation.

Identification of the machine mechanisms and automatic parameterization of the control structures and parameters.

ServoOne CM servo drive

Servo drive ServoOne CMRated currentMaximum current 1)Single-axis controllersDouble-axis controllersThree-axis controllers
Size (BG1)

1.5 A4.5 A•••••
3 A9 A•••••
6 A18 A•••••
12 A36 A
16 A48 A
Size (BG2)

12 A36 A•••••
16 A40 A••
24 A72 A
32 A80 A
Dimensions 2) [mm]BG1: 55 x 310 x 241    BG2: 110 x 310 x 241
Encoder interfaceResolver, SinCos, HIPERFACE®®, HIPERFACE®® DSL, EnDAT
Field busEtherCAT CoE
Safety technology standardSTO (SIL3, PL e, KAT 4) + SBC (SIL3, PL e, KAT 4)
Safety technology optional


Cooling typeWall mounting (heat sink air-cooled), cold plate
(1) Overload for 500 ms (at 4 kHz, 400 VAC) 2) Wall-mounting model
ServoOne CMP supply unit10 kW22 kW
Dimensions [mm]55 x 310 x 241110 x 310 x 241
Supply voltage3 x 230 V – 480 V AC
Power supply 24V DC, 20 Aintegrated

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