ServoOne Single- and Multi-axis system Always the best drive solution for your machine

The modularity of the ServoOne family guarantees you optimum integration into the machine process at all times. A coordinated single-axis and energy-efficient multi-axis system meet the needs of any application across a wide power range. Whether in high-speed field bus communication with the central multi-axis machine controller or with distributed MotionControl intelligence in the drive controller – the ServoOne is a master of both. 

ServoOne Single- axis system
ServoOne Multi- axis system
  • Mains voltage:
    • 1/3 x 230 V AC
    • 3 x 400 - 480 V AC
  • DC power: 26 kW - 360 kW
  • DC link fuses integrated up to
    170 A
  • Rated current: 4 - 450 A
  • Overload factor up to 300%
  • Cooling concepts: air cooling up to 170 A / liquid cooling
    from 16 - 450 A
  • Brake resistance can be integrated: air-cooled up to 32 A; water-cooled up to 450 A

Field bus variety

The product range offers the flexible integration into the world of control and automation technology.
ServoOne provides a wide range of different field bus systems.

  • Real-time Ethernet-based communication interfaces such as:
    EtherCAT, Sercos III, PROFINET IRT or PowerLink
  • Sercos II + III as the established communication interfaces in machine tools
  • Proven field bus interfaces like CANopen based on DS301/DSP402 and PROFIBUS DP-V1 profiles complete the ServoOne field bus portfolio.

Integral part of the SO

STO (Safe Torque Off) integrated as standard

  • Certificate corresponding to SIL3 in accordance with IEC 61508 / IEC 62061 and PL e in accordance with EN ISO 13849

Optional safety control can be integrated into SIL3 / PL e

  • Safe position or speed control with safety functions such as SS1 / SS2, SOS, SLS, SLI, SLP
  • Flexible and safe programming of the safety application
  • Simple use of predefined safety sensors
  • Implementation of complete machine safety solutions with safe cross communication with safety master in ServoOne

Impressive control technology for your machine

  • High sampling rates of up to 16 kHz for optimal motor control
  • Predictive pilot control structures for precise path accuracy
  • Filter for damping mechanical vibrations
  • Correction of encoder errors using patented GPOC procedure
  • Compensation of motor cogging and friction torques
  • Correction of mechanical spindle errors
  • Autocommutation for synchronous motors without absolute value encoders
  • Sensorless control of synchronous motors

Safety Integral part of SystemOne

  • Flexible and safe programming of the safety application
  • Safety sensors can be connected directly to ServoOne
  • Safe cross-communication
  • Optional safe monitoring of external axes (SS1, SS2, SLS)

More information about the ServoOne Safety.

Maximum application Thanks to integrated iPLc

Integrated programmable single-axis positioning and sequence control

  • Adjustment of the controller to the movement task by the customer
  • Fast on-site adjustment to changing requirements
  • Programming in IEC 61131-3 languages
  • Programming system CoDeSys 3.x

Flexible hardware Solutions for your machine

  • Control electronic variants
    SO-safety with integrated safety control (up to size 5)
    - SO-standard with STO
  • Control electronic variants

    • Optional socket for technology
      options - 2nd high-resolution absolute sin/
      cos encoder- TTL encoder input/
      TTL encoder simulation -Synchronization module for 2 ServoOne axes (e.g. for gantry axes)
    • 2-channel encoder evaluation as standard
      Channel 1:  Resolver
      - Channel 2:  Sin/Cos with HIPERFACE®, EnDat2.x, SSI or zero pulse, TTL encoder, EnDat2.2 digital
      - Optional evaluation of a 3rd encoder encoder
    • 24V motor brake connection with line breakage monitoring
    • Control terminal
      - 2 differential analog inputs +/- 10 V, 12 Bit
      - 8 digital inputs, 2 with measuring probe function (signal delay < 2 µs))
      - 3 digital outputs, relay 24V/100mA

Technical data The most important data at a glance

Performance dataSingle-axis systemMulti-axis system (DCSO 4-450A)Multi-axis system (PSU 26-360 kW)
Supply voltage1 x 230 V AC
3 x 230 - 480 V AC
565 – 770 V DC3 x 400 V – 480 V AC
Rating at 1 x 230 V AC4 A (1 x 230 V)4 – 450 A -
Rating at 3 x 400 V AC4 – 450 A - 26 -360 kW
Overload factor1.5 - 2.01,5 - 3,01,0 - 2,0
Rotating field frequency400 Hz
1600 Hz optional
400 Hz
1600 Hz optional
Power stage switching frequency2, 4, 8, 12, 16 kHz4, 8, 12, 16 kHz4, 8, 12 kHz
Brake chopper electronics integratedStandard model - Standard model
Braking resistor integratedOptional -


Safety technologySingle-axis system
STO – safe torque off

standard model up to SO84.170

Integrated safety controlOptional

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