ServoOne HF High-speed servo controller for spindles and turbo machines

The ServoOne HF belongs to the ServoOne servo controller series. The HF function package upgrades the ServoOne product range to a high-speed servo controller with a power range of 4 to 400 A. The high-speed servo controller is therefore ideally suited for spindles and turbo machines. The main feature of the ServoOne HF servo controller is the maximum rotary field frequency of 1600 Hz at clock rate changeover of up to 16 kHz.

With the ServoOne HF servo controller the user can configure and commission his optimal drive solution even more easily and quickly despite extended functions and extensive system components.

The HF function package upgrades the ServoOne product range to a high-speed drive controller with a power range of 4 to 400 A. The product range is available in the following versions:

  • ServoOne single-axis system for medium and large outputs with AC power supply from 1/3 x 230 V to 3 x 480V
  • Also as a DC-powered multi-axis system with sinusoidal regenerative supply units from 26 – 360 kW
  • Stackable housing with air cooling and alternatively with water cooling from 16 A
  • All field bus and technology options from ServoOne can be used and programmed in accordance with IEC 611311 for flexible and easy application settings
  • High clock rate of up to 16 kHz for low current distortions and motor losses
  • Optimized fast current controller for regulating low-inductance motors
  • Sinusoidal filers and output chokes are taken into account in the closed loop
  • Encoder evaluation for Sin/Cos encoders, digital Hall generators or sensorless control for synchronous machines
  • Extensive U/F functions, compensation for load and slippage, anti-cycling, current limit control and reversible characteristics
  • Online clock rate changeover for optimal utilization of the power supply
  • Synchronization, grid support operation, ZK control
  • Commutation chokes and mains filters
  • Output chokes and sinusoidal filters
  • High-frequency motor parts and motor spindles
  • Magnetic bearing components and magnetic bearing controls
  • Accessories
  • Spindle drives for grinding, milling and drilling machines
  • Turbo fans and turbo compressors
  • Centrifuges
  • Pumps, special vacuum and high vacuum pumps
  • Micro gas turbines, gas expansion turbines for energy recovery
  • Flywheel energy storage
  • Circuit board drilling machines
  • Woodwork spindles, textile industry

Functions Servo controller with high-speed functionality for complex applications

High pulse and output frequencies

  • For high-speed machines or high-pole motors with high power density
  • Reduced electrical harmonic content for lower rotor heating and reduced thermal shaft expansion
  • Reduced bearing currents

Dynamic control types

  • Optimal use of current thanks to clock rate changeover for maximum performance and optimal dynamics
  • Align unguided drives with synchronization while the machine is in operation
  • Safe processes thanks to power failure regulation, particularly also in magnetic bearing systems
  • The optimized fast current controller can also be used with low-inductance high-frequency motors

Encoder systems

  • Sin/Cos encoders, resolvers and digital Hall generators
  • Sensorless control for synchronous machines

System All control systems components from a single source

Motor parts and motor spindles

  • Powerful synchronous motor parts for high-speed applications
  • Electrical and thermal design, construction and production from a single source
  • Spindle technology

Motor chokes and motor filters

  • Design, construction and supply of motor chokes and sinusoidal filters for high frequency drive technology
  • Extensive mains filters for line chokes from the ServoOne range


  • Braking resistors, motor and encoder cables, shield supports, water connection set
  • DriveManager 5 graphic user software for easy commissioning and parameterization

Know-how from LTI Motion

  • Many years of experience in designing and realizing high-speed solutions
  • In-house motor development and magnetic bearing technology
  • In-house application specialists

Expertise Experience in high-speed applications

Turbo compressors

  • Motors and drives for CO2 laser fans for laser cutting machines and pump lasers, typical data 60,000 rpm-1 / 37 kW
  • Turbo fans for the air supply with magnetic bearing synchronous drive 30,000 rpm -1 / 150-300 kW
  • Gas expansion turbines with energy recovery systems

Spindle drives

  • Grinding, milling and drill spindle drives in all power and speed ranges

Customized high-speed drives

  • Special developments of motors and drive technology for high vacuum technology

Learn more about our application expertise in the area of pumps, turbines and compressors.

Technical data HighSpeed servo controller

OverviewRated current [A]Peak current [A]Rated power [NVA]Clock rates [kHz]Dimensions WxHxD [mm]Cooling type
SO84.0043.77.42.58, 12, 1658.5 x 295 x 224Air
SO82.0043.77.41.58, 12, 1658.5 x 295 x 224Air
SO84.0065.511.03.88, 12, 1658.5 x 295 x 224Air
SO84.0086.713.44.68, 12, 1690 x 295 x 224Air
SO84.01210.020.06.98, 12, 1690 x 295 x 224Air
SO84.01611.022.07.68, 12, 16130 x 295 x 224Air
SO84.02013.827.69.58, 12, 16130 x 295 x 224Air
SO84.02415.831.610.98, 12, 16171 x 295 x 224Air
SO84.03221.042.014.58, 12, 16171 x 295 x 224Air
SO84.04545.0 / / 36.78, 12, 16190 x 345 x 240Air / water
SO84.07258.0 / 68.011640.1 / 47.18, 12, 16190 x 345 x 240Air / water
SO84.09090.0 / 110.0144 / 16562.3 / 76.28, 12, 16280 x 540 x 242Air / water
SO84.11090.0 / 114144 / 17262.3 / 78.98, 12, 16280 x 540 x 242Air / water
SO84.143115 / 136172 / 20479.6 / 94.28, 12, 16280 x 540 x 322Air / water
SO84.170136 / 168164 / 20494.2 / 116.38, 12, 16280 x 540 x 322Air / water
SO84.250200300138.58, 12, 16380 x 952 x 287Water
SO84.325300450207.88, 12, 16380 x 952 x 287Water
SO84.450400600277.18, 12380 x 952 x 287Water

Technical data applicable for 3 x 400 V AC feed in, Tu = 40°C and clock rate 12 kHz. Different data apply for other operation points (supply voltage, clock rate), see the relevant catalog pages.

Basic technical data such as the ServoOne standard product range

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