The ServoA product line has been designed to fit to the complete LTI Motion product line. To achieve this, several options have been realized.

  • Standard field bus EtherCAT (CoE)
  • Support by new DriveManager 5 with Chinese language support
  • High compatibility to other c-line devices
  • Same frame sizes as ServoOne Junior
  • Integrated iPLC with improved support by completely new editor integrated DriveManager 5
  • LSM motors with various encoder options to create a drive system “out of the box”



  • ServoA comprises certified STO input as standard
  • Two encoder inputs plus master encoder / encoder simulation
  • All functions from ServoA available
  • Initial commissioning guide
  • Auto tuning capabilities
  • Induction and permanent magnetic motors, roating and linear
  • Numerous encoder options: wire saving TTL, EnDat, HIPERFACE, Resolver etc.
  • Torque-speed and position control, with integrated point to point positioning
  • Various and digital and anlogue I/O's
  • Two fast touchprobe inputs
  • Integrated PLC, supported by new PLC editor in DM5
  • Digital and analog I/Os
  • Two fast touch probe inputs
  • Integrated PLC, supported by new PLC editor in DM5
  • CAM profile function
  • Integrated technology controller

Large power range 400 W - 1500 W / 230 VAC and 750 W - 9000 W / 400 VAC

  • Initial technology from Germany: All c-line functions combined with high end ASIC from ServoOne CM
  • Local support by growing R&D and application support department in China, member of the global R&D Team
  • CE compliant, UL certified
  • Safety function: STO integrated
  • Powerful iPLC integrated, supported by new PLC editor in DriveManager 5
  • Support of Chinese language by DriveManager 5

From Asia for Asia

Combining latest ASIC technology from ServoOne CM with various software features well tested by long time experience this product combines the best of two worlds: reliable engineering technology from Germany and high quality through low cost production in Asia.

Including native Chinese engineers during the complete development phase leads to a strong R&D and application team in China, well cross-linked with its counterpart in Europe, to create a powerful, global support team. Thus, excellent customer support, as well as the capability to create customized solutions whenever needed or desired can be provided by LTI Motion (Shanghai), our headquarters in Asia.

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