c-line Single-axis servocontrollers with integrated CAN

The c-line Drives positioning inverter product range is a drive system that is tailored perfectly to the operation of different types of motors:

  • CDE3000:
    Positioning of synchronous and linear motors with Resolver, SSI, TTL or Hiperface encoders (0.375-110 kW)
  • CDB3000:
    Positioning of asynchronous motors with SSI, TTL or HTL encoders (0.375.110 kW)
  • CDB3000-OL:
    Open loop applications of asynchronous/synchronous motors (without encoder feedback) (0.375-110 kW)
  • CDB2000:
    Positioning of asynchronous motors with TTL rotary encoders or SSI absolute value encoders
    (cost-optimized variant of the CDB300 - IN = 4 A, UN = 1x230 VAC, 0.8 KW)
  • CDF3000:
    Positioning of synchronous motors in the low-voltage range (24/48 VDC) with Resolver, SSI or TTL encoders (0.24-0.48 kW)

Everything a single-axis servocontroller needs:

  • Internal mains filter*1
  • STO for easy incorporation into the safety concept
  • Internal CAN as a standard-compliant field bus connection free of charge
  • Integrated PLC free of charge
  • Suitable cooling method for all installation options

*1: CDF3000 and CDB2000 not included

Commissioning made easy

  • Preset solutions – click to preset your application:
    • Control type (torque, speed, position)
    • Control location of the drive controller (e.g. I/O, field bus)
    • Setpoint source (e.g. analog, table or field bus)
  • A database facilitates the selection of the motor and encoder data
  • The DriveManager PC user interface offers a convenient configuration and analysis tool for the initial commissioning and precise diagnosis of the drive system
    •With internal 4 channel scope
  • External operating unit with memory card (key pad + smart card) makes serial commissioning easier

Dynamics and precision:

  • Efficient control structures (current controller in 62.5 µsec)
  • Load-dependent online switching frequency switchover between 16, 12, 8 and 4 kHz.
  • Parallel evaluation of two positioning measurement systems for precise positioning with backlash mechanism.
  • Online adaptive procedure for encoder correction (GPOC – Gain Phase Offset Correction)
  • Cogging torque compensation to increase the motor concentricity
  • Auto-tuning function
  • Assistant for configuring mechanical connections between desired units (mm, °, …) and the resulting motor rotations.

Impressive control technology

  • High sampling rates of up to 16 kHz for optimal motor control
  • Predictive pilot control structures for precise path accuracy
  • Filter for damping mechanical vibrations
  • Correction of encoder errors using patented GPOC procedure
  • Compensation of motor cogging and friction torques
  • Correction of mechanical spindle errors
  • Autocommutation for synchronous motors without absolute value encoders
  • Sensorless control of synchronous motors

Internal CAN at no cost

  • Low connection costs
  • High interference resistance – Hamming distance of 6
  • Efficient diagnostic capacity – all parameters available
  • Firmware download via CAN
  • Cyclical and event-driven data transfer
    - 4 Rx-PDO, 4 Tx-PDO
    - Variable mapping
  • Over 40 different reference paths with and without a zero point search
  • Available modes of operation:
    - homing Mode
    - profile velocity mode
    - profile position mode (specification of target position, acceleration and maximum speed)
    - interpolated position mode (specification of path curvature)
    - LTI Motion-specific modes to use the internal PLC program or the table of driving sets

Equipment Everything a single-axis controller needs

  • Internal mains filter*1
  • STO for easy incorporation into the safety concept
  • Internal CAN as a standard-compliant field bus connection free of charge
    • Profibus via extension module*1
  • Integrated PLC free of charge
  • Metal design for robust EMC properties*1
  • Internal 24 V power supply makes external switched-mode power supply unnecessary*1
  • Suitable cooling method for all installation options:
    • Cold plate
    • Wall mounting
    • Feed through
    • Liquid cooling
  • Extensive accessories:
    • Servomotor with:
    - concentrated winding (LSH product range)
    - conventional winding (LST range)
    • filter, throttle, braking resistor
    • PC operating software for easy use
    • external operating unit with memory card for serial commissioning (key pad + smart card)*1

*1: CDF3000 and CDB2000 not included

Maximum application capacity Thanks to integrated iPLc

Integrated programmable single-axis positioning and sequence control

  • Adjustment of the controller to the movement task by the customer
  • Fast on-site adjustment to changing requirements
  • free of charge
  • Access (read, write) to all parameters
  • Arithmetic operations
  • Two task discs
  • Intuitive programming language (LTI Motion)  


  • Windows application
  • Single or multi-device projects
  • Can be used for remote maintenance
  • Offline parameter set creation
  • Scope function for drive controllers
  • Programming editor for sequence control of the cLine (PLC) drive controller

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