Asynchronous motor DA Compact asynchronous motor with high power density and flexibility for demanding applications

The asynchronous motor series DA completes the performance spectrum of the reliable series LSN, LSP and LST and is available in an air-cooled and water-cooled version.

  • M0 from 33 to 3,024 Nm
  • Standard speeds of 750 1/min; 4,500 1/min
  • Max. rated speed of up to 4,500 1/min
  • 6 shaft heights (100, 132, 160, 180, 225, 280) available in 3 lengths each

The asynchronous motor series DA is based on a conventionally distributed winding design and optimized for an inverter operation with the following features:

  • High power density by optimized cooling variants
  • High speed range
  • High quantity of available options and winding variants

Demanding applications in the entire mechanical engineering sector.

Possible versions of the asynchronous motor product range DA:

  • Water cooling (IP54), external cooling (IP54), pull-through ventilation (IP23)
  • Holding brakes
  • Feather key
  • Size B3, B5, B35
  • Reinforced bearings
  • Current-insulated bearings
  • Safe encoder