The synchronous servomotors from LTI Motion are brushless three-phase motors for high-end servo applications and are available in all speed and voltage variants. They are particularly suitable for positioning tasks on machine tools, industrial robots, transfer lines and applications with high demands on dynamic performance and stability.

The servomotor product range LST is based on a conventional dispersed coil design with the following features:

  • Suitable for high speeds
  • Maximum dynamics and overload capacity
  • Great flexibility for customized solutions with flexible mechanical design
  • High number of available options
  • Available as kit motors (integrated motors)
  • Available as a low-voltage variants (24/48 VDC)

The LST servomotor product range contains motors from our flexible product range for customized motors in your application.

Based on a compact motor design with high power density.

  • Mo from 0.09 to 144 Nm
  • Standard speeds of 3,000 1/min; 4,500 1/min, 6,000 1/min
  • Max. rated speed of up to 10,000 1/min
  • 8 sizes (Q37, Q50, Q74, Q97, Q127, Q158, Q190, Q220)
  • Each size is available in up to 5 different lengths
  • Maximum flexibility with options

Possible versions of the LST servomotor product range:

  • Special windings
  • Special shafts
  • Special flanges
  • Special connecting technology
  • Special mechanical adaptations
  • Water cooling (flange cooling)
  • Hollow shaft
  • Interlocking
  • Integrated geared motors
  • ATEX

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