Motor cables for servomotors

System cable for all current standard ranges from LTI Motion

  • SystemOne CM
  • ServoOne
  • ServoOne Junior
  • cLine drives
  • Prefabricated lengths in a grid of 1 m
  • Many years of experience in construction, picking and packing
  • Premium EMC performance (shield, paired twisting of signal wires)
  • 100 % verified quality even in routine testing
  • CE conformity is confirmed in the system (servocontroller + motor + LTI Motion cables)
  • Only high-quality brand-name cables and plugs are used to ensure the best quality and reliability
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Function confirmed in in-house test laboratories with the maximum cable lengths
  • Capable of track laying
  • Protection class IP67 (for the motor) thanks to matches plugs
  • Certifications: CE, UL, UR
  • Color scheme in accordance with DESINA for more clarity in the control cabinet
  • Full flexibility in choice of length and color
  • One-cable solution, coordinated in time-consuming system testing
  • Preservation of system responsibility

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