Thank you for your visit! SPS 26 - 28 November 2019

One Partner for Your Digital Journey

One Partner for Your Digital Journey

Best solutions for your automation requirements Fabian Georg, Sales Engineer South

SPS 2019 One Partner for Your Digital Journey

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One Partner for Your Digital Journey Future-proof platform - high-end technologies - industry expertise

Here we are. Right in the middle of the digital transformation. Keywords such as IoT solutions, machine learning, condition monitoring, edge computing, predictive maintenance, OPC-UA, cloud solutions cross and pass each other by. The goal is to reach the destination I4.0. Where and how to proceed? Looking for a companion or proceeding on your own?

We are convinced that in order to take the best possible path, three topics are particularly important: groundbreaking technologies, future-proof solutions and strong partnerships.

In all three areas, we have demonstrated our great strengths on the path of digital transformation we have taken so far.

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One year KEBA and LTI Motion

One year ago, when the internationally active automation expert KEBA announced the acquisition of the technologically leading supplier of servo drive technology LTI Motion at the SPS in Nuremberg, the industry was surprised. As a result of this merger, KEBA became a complete solution provider – from operation to control and safety technology to drive technology – and all of this suitable with the respective industry.


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